Commercial Low Slope Roofing (Flat Roof) Products & Warranty

Low slope roofing (with a pitch below 2:12 or 3:12) covers the majority of business buildings and has become synonymous with commercial roofing.  For your commercial flat or low slope roof repair or replacement project, A+ Roofing offers high quality modified bitumen and single-ply roof systems (TPO/ PVC/ EPDM).  These membranes provide a durable and low maintenance protection for your commercial roofing.

Modified bitumen is made of bituminous asphalt with polymers that give it rubber-like characteristics.  For strong weatherproofing, modified bitumen comes in two varieties –a granular top or smooth surface with silver reflective coating.  Modified bitumen is an excellent choice for businesses looking for lasting cost-effective weather-proofing that is backed by warranties of up to 15 years (20 years for select varieties).

PVC (abbreviated from polyvinyl chloride) roofing, also called vinyl roofing, is made of thick, but flexible thermoplastic material.  PVC has been popular since the 1960s because of its cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance and nowadays comes with warranties of up to 20 years by manufacturers like GAF and Johns Manville.   EPDM (or ethylene propylene diene monomer) is another durable and cost effective flat roofing material which is made of synthetic rubber compounds.   A+ Roofing offers EPDM products by Firestone, the famous producer of car tires.

TPO is a new roofing material which protects a rapidly increasing number of commercial flat roofs.  TPO (short for thermoplastic polyolefin) systems feature heat-welded seam integrity, energy savings and overall exceptional value.  Some of these systems – like GAF’s EverGuard TPO single ply roof membrane – come with a white reflective cover, offering extra protection from ultraviolet light and extra cooling during summer.  Over time, TPO systems have grown from just a tiny share of the single ply roofing market to become, by some accounts, the number 1-preferred single ply roofing product.  Their flexibility for use in virtually any application has also made them the fastest growing single ply roofing system.  Some reasons to select single-ply TPO roofing include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Puncture and leak resistance
  • Easy repair after installation
  • Grease/oil/chemical resistance
  • Resistance to pounding water
  • Reflective roofing

TPO systems offer the added eco-benefit of containing post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials.  For your commercial project, we will use high quality TPO systems from the leaders in the industry – GAF, Johns Manville and Firestone.

As a GAF Master Elite Contractor, A+ Roofing offers GAF’s cutting edge warranty protection for flat roofs – the Diamond PledgeThis NDL (“No Dollar Limit”) System Warranty features 100% coverage for both manufacturing defects and workmanship error.  In addition to typical coverage, the Diamond Pledge guarantees protection from leaks coming from metal and flexible wall flashings, blisters in the membrane or problems in the roof insulation (see brochure). The power of this warranty is significant as these types of roofing problems account for up to 40% of roof leaks.  Additionally, with the purchase of a maintenance program for regular check up and repair of your roof, GAF offers a 25% extension for your Diamond Pledge.   Thus, with a maintenance program, a 20-year guarantee stretches for 25 years free of extra charge.

Energy Efficiency Code Compliance

A+ Roofing installs commercial roofing systems in combination with the necessary insulation to comply with local and international energy efficiency requirements.  A growing number of towns and cities are adopting the 2013 International Building Code, which requires stricter energy efficient values.  Building and energy efficiency codes ensure public safety and regulate energy consumption.  In this way, they give businesses the benefit of enhanced protection and lower energy costs.  At A+ Roofing we keep informed about the latest codes and regulations and comply with them, if these apply to your area and type of building.

Steep Slope Roofing Products

  • architectural & dimensional shingle
  • slate & tile
  • low maintenance protection 
  • wood shake

Low Slope Roofing Products

  • TPO & PVC
  • EPDM
  • modified bitumen
  • built up roofing (BUR)

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